Traditional Neighborhood Design

Remember when towns were designed on a human scale...for the family? The town center was the focus and functioned as an outdoor room inviting all to become active participants in the community. This "new urbanism" is the inspiration of Beachside Village. With protection of th environment in mind, this design encourages the use of porches, pedestrian walkways and greenbelts linking parks, plazas and other recreational areas together with the provisions for the use of bikes. Even small service and retail shops are close at hand to give the classic feeling of a neighborhood.

The layout of the streets and lots, as well as the design of the individual structures, is intended to reinforce a sense of community. Houses feature front porches and welcoming stairs that provide a human-scaled transition to the raised floor level. Many front on greenways or parks. The influence of the automobile is de-emphasized by the use of narrow streets and many units feature parking access via a rear lane.

*Images above are to portray "concept" only and do not represent what the town center will become.